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Better Together | Episode 5: Faithful Deconstruction

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In Episode 5 of 6 of #faithfuldeconstruction, we explore how we need community in the journey through deconstruction so we don’t lose our faith. "Faithful Deconstruction Episode 5: Group Project" is presented by Jessie Cruickshank of @whoology, catalyzing discipleship through neuroscience, and Rowland Smith of @ForgeAmerica.

Drawing from their own experiences and insights, Jessie Cruickshank and Rowland Smith share their thoughts on how the support and encouragement of a community can make all the difference in navigating the ups and downs of a journey of faith.

From finding like-minded friends to leaning on the wisdom and guidance of mentors, this episode offers practical tips and advice for those who are seeking to find their place in a supportive community. Whether you're in the midst of deconstruction or you're looking to support someone who is, this episode offers valuable insights into the transformative power of community.

Join us now as we explore the ways in which community can help us to grow, learn, and thrive on our journey of faithful deconstruction. If you're interested in exploring the intersection of faith and doubt and learning how to navigate the deconstruction process in a healthy and transformative way, be sure to watch this video and join us in the conversation in the comments section below. We have created a free resource called Six Questions to Help you Rediscover Your Faith available to download at

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