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At Whoology, we want to see every person embrace the call to be a disciplemaker. It is a commission to the whole church that is going to take the whole church.

We are at a pivotal moment in church history where God is shaking up our models and paradigms, and inviting us to see each person as having a role and a purpose in the Kingdom of God.

This fall Jessie was selected to represent North America at the the 4th  Lausanne Congress. Started by Billy Graham in 1974 in Lausanne, Switzerland, the world congress has met only 2 other times since (1989, 2010) for a global collaborative discussion on the state of the church and her mission. Rumor has it that some 20,000 people from North America were nominated, but only 250 were selected to attend.

The honor of being invited gives Jessie a chance to bring Whoology’s perspective of neuro-informed ministry and narrative-based discipleship practices in collaboration with other ministry leaders from around the world.

It is a big opportunity. And a big expense. In faith, the Whoology board has decided to fund the trip, but we need help covering the expenses.

  • $1400 registration fee
  • $3000 plane ticket
  • $1400 hotel room
  • $200 meals

Total $6000

We have already raised $1,400 in matching funds. Would you be willing to help us get to the total amount? Each dollar you donate will be matched by one of our strategic partners.

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Would you consider partnering with us to help connect with ministry leaders and practitioners as we seek to catalyze a generation disciplemakers worldwide?

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