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Deconstruct Without Losing Faith: Episode 1 | Faithful Deconstruction

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In Episode 1 of 6 of Faithful Deconstruction, Jessie Cruickshank of Whoology and Rowland Smith of ForgeAmerica explore how we journey with one another through deconstruction so we don’t lose our faith by exploring a time in history when the entire world faced disorientation. The story of the Tower of Babel in the book of Genesis tells the story of humanity's attempt to reach the heavens and the subsequent confusion and division that ensued. In many ways, the deconstruction journey can feel like a modern-day Tower of Babel as we navigate the confusion and division that can arise when we begin to question the beliefs and traditions that once united us. In this video, we will explore the deconstruction journey through the lens of the Tower of Babel story.

We look at how COVID-19 represented a worldwide liminal space transition not seen since the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. We will discuss how the deconstruction process is how we learn new things, and the transformative potential of this moment in history for our faith communities. Whether you are just starting to question your beliefs or are well into the deconstruction journey, this video will offer you practical insights and guidance on how to navigate the challenges of the Tower of Babel and find hope amidst uncertainty.

So, if you're interested in exploring the intersection of faith and doubt and learning how to navigate the deconstruction process in a healthy and transformative way, be sure to watch this video and share it with others to join the conversation.