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Have Faith: The Incredible Transformation of Faith Reconstruction | Faithful Deconstruction Episode 6

faithful deconstruction Apr 10, 2023

The Faithful Deconstruction Podcast is brought to you in partnership with Missio Alliance.

In Episode 6 of 6 of Faithful Deconstruction, Jessie Cruickshank of Whoology and Rowland Smith of ForgeAmerica explore the process of faithful reconstruction on the other side of deconstruction.

Faithful Reconstruction is the process of rebuilding one's faith after a season of doubt and deconstruction. Drawing from their own experiences and insights, Jessie Cruickshank and Rowland Smith share their thoughts on what it means to reconstruct one's faith in a way that is both authentic and grounded in truth. Deconstruction and reconstruction are a death and resurrection experience of how we are made to grow and change.

From navigating difficult questions and doubts to finding a renewed sense of purpose and passion, this episode offers valuable insights and practical tips for those who are on a journey of faithful reconstruction. Whether you're just beginning to explore these ideas or you're well on your way, you won't want to miss this inspiring and thought-provoking episode.

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